JillionPay is an innovative payment gateway that uses stable cryptocurrencies to speed up international transactions.
The goal was to create an MVP version in 2 months. We could use a Design System from the previous product to accelerate the process.
To make things simpler, on the dashboard, we put metrics like daily payments, chargebacks, and other statistics that can help identify the direction of business.
A base of every Payment Gateway is its payment system. In every payment list, there will be disputes. At Jillion every payment can have a different status.

In every list, users can define a timeframe, choose a sorting method, and narrow down results by using a search or filter engine. The same set of filters will also apply to metrics.

The payment detail view can contain a lot of pieces of information. Instead of showing all of them, we decide only to show the payment method, cardholder information, and payment history. We also considered an option to show a higher volume of information.

We did not want to create a product that is a black box, that’s why every position on the history is clickable. Users can request information about every event that happened.
In every Payment Gateway there will be disputes and eventually refunds. We created a system to manage issues. Users can send shreds of evidence, review, and refund.
Jillion can help users create subscriptions and as well manage all payments from an active contract. The creation wizard lets users create any subscription from scratch. Users can add a free trial, setup fee, currencies, taxes, add-ons, and many more. Users can also setup a custom pricing.
After building subscriptions and launching them, subscriptions that get bought land inside active contracts. This place lets users manage all ongoing payments for each subscription. Canceling and refunding are only a small portion of functionalities.
Every payment is made by the customer. Users at Jillion can edit details, and add / remove / change subscriptions. Add a one-off charge, create an invoice, or even set custom pricing for any product.
To let users pay for specific items or customised offers Jillion gives Payment Links. This system combines e-mail, checkout, and post-payment invoices. Each one of these could be crafted individually.
To each payment link users can choose Checkout Template. They give the options to choose available payment methods, modules like customer data, coupons, or privacy sections. A little bit of branding is also possible.
To analyze revenues and other metrics Jillion has a separate revenues section.
Section with API Keys and Logs


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